The idea of owning an investment property (or several properties) is a dream for many Australians. Having a property that a tenant will help you pay for can be part of your retirement plan or a wealth creation strategy that can benefit you well before retirement.

What stops most people from ever owning an investment property is the fear of the costs, or I should say, the perceived costs. The fear of having a huge mortgage debt for an investment property and the thought that they will be paying it off for the next 30 years.

People are right to be wary of these risks, but all this means is that you need to get further information. Successful property investors are aware of the risks involved in property investment and have plans to mitigate these risks, which is what helps them create wealth, continue to buy more property and of course, sleep soundly at night!

Are you interested in owning an investment property? If you are, I can show you how successful property investors set up their finance, protects their assets from risk and continue to grow their portfolio year after year.

PS – You might be surprised just how little an investment property may actually cost!

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